1.Yesterday was my birthday, so some of my classmates sent me presents. Mother prepared a tea party for me. I invited all of them to come and take part in it.The tea party began at half past six. There were cold drinks and refreshments. We ate, talked and laughed. We felt that we were the happiest men in the world

2.I like the Chinese new year better than any other festival. This is a time especially for rest and joy. I need not study. I wear good clothes and eat good food. I have a good time from morning till night. I am as happy as a king.

3.No sooner had the witer vacation begun than I returned to my native town. Of course I
must make good use of it;.In the morning I reviewed my lessons and read newspapers or magazines. In the afternoon I played ball games with my friends or went fishing in the river. At night I watched television with my family. hardly had the clock on the wall struck ten when I went to bed.
寒假刚一开始,我就回故乡了。自然我须好好利用它。 早晨我复习功课并阅读报纸或杂志。下午我和朋友打球,或去河中钓鱼。晚上我就和家人看看电视。墙上的钟刚敲十下,我就去睡觉了。

4.I live very happily today! In the morning, it is very fine! Then I climb the mountain with family, the air on the mountain is very fresh, the flowers plants and trees on the mountain all seem extremely beautiful. Coming back home in the evening, family and I sat and watched TV together, we are returning and eating the fruit while chatting, the whole family is happy and harmonious!



A Lifelong Career【学习:一生的事业】
As food is to the body, so is learning to the mind. Our bodies grow and muscles develop with the intake of adequate nutritious food. Likewise, we should keep learning day by day to maintain our keen mental power and expand our intellectual capacity. Constant learning supplies us with inexhaustible fuel for driving us to sharpen our power of reasoning, analysis, and judgment. Learning incessantly is the surest way to keep pace with the times in the information age, and an infallible warrant of success in times of uncertainty.
Once learning stops, vegetation sets in. It is a common fallacy to regard school as the only workshop for the acquisition of knowledge. On the contrary, learning should be a never-ending process, from the cradle to the grave. With the world ever changing so fast, the cease from learning for just a few days will make a person lag behind. What's worse, the animalistic instinct dormant deep in our subconsciousness will come to life, weakening our will to pursue our noble ideal, sapping our determination to sweep away obstacles to our success and strangling our desire for the refinement of our character. Lack of learning will inevitably lead to the stagnation of the mind, or even worse, its fossilization, Therefore, to stay mentally young, we have to take learning as a lifelong career.

heavy shoolwork【课业繁重】
In my opinion, the schoolwork now being assigned to high school students is too heavy. While it is true that students need to study, they need other things as well if they are to grow into healthy and well-rounded adults. High should be allowed more time for play. Plying is not wasting time, as some think. It gives them physical exercise, and also exercise their imagination. Which tends to be stifled by too much study. Finally, the pressure put on high school students by excessive schoolwork can cause serious stress, which is unhealthy physically and mentally. I do not advocate the elimination of schoolwork. I do think, however, that a reduction of the current heavy load would be beneficial to students and to the society as a whole.

Lost time is never found again. This is something which I learned very clearly last semester. I spent so much time fooling around that my grades began to suffer. I finally realized that something had to be done. It was time for a change.
Now I have a new plan for using my time wisely. I have set my alarm clock ahead half an hour. This will give me a head start on the day. I have also decided to keep a log of what I do and when I do it. Looking back on what I’ve done will give me some ideas on how to reorganize my time.

Work and Play【工作与娱乐】
Work and play do not contradict each other; in fact, they complement each other. As the saying goes, "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy." A life burdened with work leads you nowhere, for you would get tired and bored with your daily routine work. On the other hand, proper recreation will relieve the tension and discomfort of our monotonous life because it offers you various ways to let out your pent-up emotions.
What I usually do to relax after school is jogging and seeing movies. Usually I don't spare time for exercise, but I value the physical education class at school. Jogging several rounds in the field certainly relieves the day's pressure. On weekends, I'll catch the morning movie for my visual enjoyment. I feel revived and energetic for another week's work-load.

My first Job【我的第一份工作】
My first job was at a cramming school. It was three years ago when I just graduated from junior high school and finished the entrance examination. since I had nothing to do that summer, I decided to find a job, tasting the joy of independence.
I was responsible for answering the telephone and taking the message. I worked eight hours a day, six days a week. The work was not difficult nor heavy to me and I guess I did well. The most delighted thing was perhaps that I could spend the money I earned all by myself.

My Favorite Sports【我最喜爱的运动】
Sports help everyone to keep healthy, happy, and efficient. So I pay special attention to games, especially table-tennis. Table tennis is my favorite game. I play it almost every day.
Table-tennis is an ideal game us because it brings the whole body into action. It strengthens our muscles, expands our lungs, promotes the circulation of the blood, and causes a healthy action of the skin. Besides, it is very amusing and does not cost us much money. Table-tennis is very moderate; it is not so rough as football. It is an indoor game and can be played even on rainy days. Thus, it is my favorite kind of exercise.



Love Your Life (热爱生活)

However mean your life is, meet it and live it; do not shun it and call it hard names.It is not so bad as you are.

It looks poorest when you are richest.The fault-finder will find faults in paradise. Love your life, poor as it is.

You may perhaps have some pleasant, thrilling, glorious hours, even in a poor-house. The setting sun is reflected from the windows of the alms-house as brightly as from the rich man's abode; the snow melts before its door as early in the spring. I do not see but a quiet mind may live as contentedly there, and have as cheering thoughts, as in a palace.

The town's poor seem to me often to live the most independent lives of any. Maybe they are simply great enough to receive without misgiving. Most think that they are above being supported by the town; but it often happens that they are not above supporting themselves by dishonest means. which should be more disreputable.

Cultivate poverty like a garden herb, like sage.Do not trouble yourself much to get new things, whether clothes or friends. Turn the old, return to them.

Things do not change; we change. Sell your clothes and keep your thoughts.










To see a world in a grain of sand. And a heaven in a wild flower
Hold infinity in the palm of your hand. And eternity in an hour

Life is a chain of moments of enjoyment, not only about survival

Let’s write that letter we thought of writing "one of these days".

I love you not because of who you are,
Because of who I am when I am with you .

No man or woman is worth your tears, and the one who is worth make you cry.

The worst way to miss someone is to be sitting right beside them knowing you can’t have them.

To the world you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world.

Never frown, even when you are sad, because you never know who is falling in love with your smile.

Don’t waste your time on a man/woman, who isn’t willing to waste their time on you.

Just because someone doesn’t love you the way you want them to doesn’t mean they don’t love you with all they have.

Don’t cry because it is over, smile,because it happened.

And forever has no end.

Life is a pure flame, and we live by an invisible sun within us.

Let life be beautiful like summer flowers and death like autumn leaves。
Once we dreamt that we were strangers。 We wake up to find that we were dear to each other。
My heart, the bird of the wilderness, has found its sky in your eyes。
It is the tears of the earth that keep her smiles in bloom。
If you shed tears when you miss the sun, you also miss the stars。
What you are you do not see, what you see is your shadow。
The waterfall sing, I find my song, when I find my freedom。
You smiled and talked to me of nothing and I felt that for this I had been waiting long。
Man does not reveal himself in his history, he struggles up through it。
Like the meeting of the seagulls and the waves we meet and come near。The seagulls fly off, the waves roll away and we depart。
We come nearest to the great when we are great in humility。
Never be afraid of the moments--thus sings the voice of the everlasting。
The perfect decks itself in beauty for the love of the Imperfect。
Wrong cannot afford defeat but Right can。
In my solitude of heart I feel the sigh of this widowed evening veiled with mist and rain。
We read the world wrong and say that it deceives us。
Man barricades against himself。
Let life be beautiful like summer flowers and death like autumn leaves。
I think of other ages that floated upon the stream of life and love and death and are forgotten, and I feel thefreedom of passing away。
Do not linger to gather flowers to keep them, but walk on,for flowers will keep themselves blooming all your way。
Thoughts pass in my mind like flocks of lucks in the sky。I hear the voice of their wings。
Who drives me forward like fate?The Myself striding on my back。
Our desire lends the colours of the rainbow to the mere mists and vapours of life。
Stray birds of summer come to my window to sing and fly away。 And yellow leaves of autumn, which have no songs, flutter and fall there with a sigh。
夏天的飞鸟,飞到我窗前唱歌,又飞去了。 秋天的黄叶,他们没有什麼可唱的,只是叹息一声,飞落在那里。
The mighty desert is burning for the love of a blade of grass who shakes her head and laughs and flies away。
The sands in you way beg for your song and your movement,dancing water。Will you carry the burden of their lameness?
跳著舞的流水啊!当你途中的泥沙为你的歌声和流动哀求时, 你可愿意担起他们跛足的重担?
Sorrow is hushed into peace in my heart like the evening among the silent trees。
I cannot choose the best。 The best chooses me。
They throw their shadows before them who carry their lantern on their back。
Rest belongs to the work as the eyelids to the eyes。
The waterfall sings, '' I find my song, when I find my freedom。''
the stars are not afraid to appear like fireflies。
We come nearest to the great when we are great in humility。
The sparrow is sorry for the peacock at the burden of its tail。
“I give my whole water in joy,“ sings the waterfall, '' though little of it is enough for the thirsty。''
The woodcutter's axe begged for its handle from tree, the tree gave it。
He who wants to do good knocks at the gate; he who loves finds the gate open。
The scabbard is content to be dull when it protects the keenness of the word。
The cloud stood humbly in a corner of the sky, The morning crowned it with splendour。
The dust receives insult and in return offers her flowers。
God is ashamed when the prosperous boasts of his special favour。
Not hammer-strokes, but dance of the water sings the pebbles into perfection。
God's great power is in the gentle breeze, not in the storm。
By plucking her petals you do not gather the beauty of the flower。
The great walks with the small without fear。 The middling keeps aloof。
'' The learned say that your lights will one day be no more。'' said the firefly to the stars。The stars made no answer。
The pet dog suspects the universe for scheming to take its place。
God loves man's lamp-lights better than his own great stars。
Praise shames me, for I secretly beg for it。
Life has become richer by the love that has been lost。
Dark clouds becomes heaven's flowers when kissed by light。
The little flower lies in the dust。 It sought the path of the butterfly。
Let this be my last word, that I trust in thy love。
I love you not because of who you are, but because of who I am when I am with you。
No man or woman is worth your tears, and the one who is, won‘t make you cry。
The worst way to miss someone is to be sitting right beside them knowing you can‘t have them。
Never frown, even when you are sad, because you never know who is falling in love with your smile。
To the world you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world。
Don‘t waste your time on a man/woman, who isn‘t willing to waste their time on you。
Just because someone doesn‘t love you the way you want them to, doesn‘t mean they don‘t love you with all they have。
Don‘t try so hard, the best things come when you least expect them to。
Maybe God wants us to meet a few wrong people before meeting the right one, so that when we finally meet the person, we will know how to be grateful。
Don‘t cry because it is over, smile because it happened。